Diving into Infinity

Infinite shades of wonderful blue.

From dark to darker,

The scene before me grew.

Holding my breath as

I dive in the sea,

The secrets within

Are unveiled to me.

The water gets cooler

The deeper I go.

A vastness of peace.

In the ocean I flow.



Leading a friendship based off kindness,

We free ourselves of suffer.

I see the aura within you and

The warmth you tend to offer.



I sometimes remember the old me,

The people pleaser I used to be.

I look upon those dark years

And remember all of my tears.

By trial I had figured out

The reasons behind all the doubt.

A realization I’m glad I soon achieved

I must please myself first, I strongly believed.

As I bloomed and discovered my value and worth,

My soul grew and flourished in this wondrous rebirth.



Whispering softly,

The wind tells me its secrets

With every breeze it blows.

I close my eyes and

listen closely to the dance of the leaves

Twirling in the air,

And the symphony of the wind singing everywhere.